East 72nd Street Playground


The East 72nd Street Playground reopened in October of 2015 after a six-month long renovation. A playground in this location was created during the mid-1930s as part of the creation of a system of perimeter playgrounds. It was rebuilt in 1972 based on a design by architect Richard Dattner and was first renovated by CPC in 2001. The focus of the most recent project was to rebuild and enhance some of the playground’s most successful and unique features and to improve the playground’s connection to the Park.  

A major part of this project involved completely rebuilding the playground’s most prominent concrete construction—a  maze-like, multi-level plaza that incorporated a water spray element. The goal was to make it accessible to users with disabilities, upgrade infrastructure, and improve play value. We added two new water spray features to unify and animate the space. Throughout the rest of the playground we installed new play features to replaced comparable existing features, including two tire swings, a set of kindergarten swings, and a climber. Another major change was to the playground’s perimeter. CPC redesigned the existing low concrete wall that had defined the play space to become the main boundary wall and incorporate benches. Additional plantings and a low, transparent fence were added to the playground’s perimeter allowing the Park to enter the playground space.