Wild West Playground

Wild West playground opened in August 2015. The project involved rebuilding and enhancing many of the features that were part of the western-themed playground designed by Richard Dattner in 1988, a complete overhaul of the playground’s infrastructure, and many improvements to the surrounding landscape. The playground was designed to evoke a frontier town and consists of four main play areas that are enclosed by a low timber wall and marked by play houses and containing wood play equipment. CPC rebuilt all of the features and designed customized wood play equipment for younger children on the east side and older children on the west side. One of the most popular features, and key to the design of the space, is the water feature. It consists of two circular areas, one with a mist spray, the other with a jet spray, connected by a long water channel that divides the playground. Reflecting one of the main goals of Plan for Play—to blur the lines between the playground and the Park—CPC replaced the wrought iron fence with a lower and more transparent landscape fence that weaves through new plantings. We also restored the adjacent lawn and rebuilt the paths to the playground. The result is an inviting and dynamic play space offers a range of activities for children of all ages.

WildWest View 1 sm.jpg

Wild West View 2 sm.jpg